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Why Top Dollar Scrap Metal Recycling

We treat all of our customers with respect and make you feel comfortable. Moreover, we pay for every kilo every time at a fair price.

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Why people use Top Dollar

  • They want to be treated well and feel welcomed
  • They want to be paid for every kilo every time at a fair price
  • They want to be talked to in a language using terms they understand
  • They want to feel comfortable with the transaction and not taken advantage of
  • They want to deal with someone who values what they are selling
  • When they want to make informed decisions and be advised how to maximise the value of their scrap metal

Message from the MD

Like some people, you may have some scrap metal that you want to get rid of and make money out of. My name is Karl and I own Top Dollar Metal Recyclers. I am just letting you know about our fresh approach to scrap metal recycling. We are offering competitive pricing and efficient turnaround times for your cars or trucks at our new yard at 203 Miller Road Villawood. This is so that you and your people can spend less time in scrap yards and more time doing what you do best.

Our trade certified weighbridge can easily accommodate any size truck up to semi-trailer. We have an entry and exit on separate streets which ensures minimum waiting times. In fact, our customers are on our site for an average of less than 10 minutes. Payment to you is made instantly through the “osko” banking system which means the money will be in your account by the time your vehicle reaches our exit. We also have the closest possible near-cash option available in NSW.

Our staff understand their jobs depend upon regular visitors to our yard and so if you are a first-timer you would be made to feel immediately welcome. Fairness in both grading and pricing is also foremost in the minds of the Top Dollar team which means everyone gets paid for every kilo every time at a fair price. The process will be easy for you and entirely transparent.

Generic pricing is available on this website but please visit our Facebook page for up to the minute pricing on all metals. Hopefully, we can look forward to seeing you on-site soon.



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