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All pricing, whether it’s iron, steel or copper price, is dependent upon quality and quantity, we will pay you for every kilo every time at a fair price. As a guide please see generic pricing in the table below. For large quantities please contact our office on (02) 9153 5288 for Sydney and 1300 867 357 for Melbourne. For up to the minute pricing on all metals, please visit our Facebook page.


Item Description Price/ kg
Copper Wire Bright and shiny stripped copper wire. $11.28 – $12.50
No1 Copper Clean copper pipe free from paint, welds and Brass attachments $11.08 – $12.00
No2 Copper Copper pipe with paint and welds with no Brass attachments $10.34 – $11.50
No3 Copper Copper pipe with brass fitting or chrome plated $9.89 – $11.00
Brass Clean brass fittings including taps, gunmetal,70/30 brass shells. Free from steel and rubber $ 5.31 – $8.00
Copper Cable Based on percentage of copper in the cable $1.50 – $7.50
Aluminium Clean aluminium extrusions,domestic aluminium, castings, Litho ,Rims,wire or sheet.(price depends upon product) $1.78 – $3.00
Stainless Steel 304 – 316 grades including sheet, pipe, wire and sinks $1.37 – $3.00
Lead Sheet and pipe free from steel $2.15 – $2.50
Electric Motors Electric motors with basketball size, no attactments and no circuit boards $.01– $1.10
Steel Price / tonne
Heavy More than 5mm thick $160 – $300
Clean Light Less than 5 mm thick without glass plastics, or other contaminants $150 – $250
White Goods Includes items such as ovens, washing machines, clothes dryers etc. $70 – $150
Heavy Insize More than 5mm thick and less than 1 meter in length $190–$350
Reo Less than 1 meter in Length $190–$350
Reo More than 1 meter in Length $160–$280


Valid to: Prices are subject to change without notice. Prices are affected by quality and quantity. To check on up to date pricing please feel free to call our office on (02) 9153 5288 for Sydney and 1300 867 357 for Melbourne.
Please note: due to the unpredictable nature of the scrap metal market, these prices are to be used as a helpful guide and are subject to change without notice. Firm quotations which will be calculated using criteria such as quality, quantity and frequency, may be obtained either by email through this site or by calling the number listed on the home page. Hope this helps.