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We buy scrap metal including steel, copper, cable, brass, aluminium, stainless steel, lead batteries, zinc and much more
Our team will welcome you to our yard and speak to you respectfully.
You will get correct weight of your scrap metal at our site with our certified weighbridge.

Scrap Metal Recycling

Our promise is you will be paid for every kilo, every time, at a fair price.

You will feel welcome on your very first visit and you’ll find the process easy. We speak in simple terms so you find everything easy to understand, and you will be treated fairly. You will have a say in the outcome of your scrap metal and we provide information on how to maximise the value of your scrap metal recycling.

3 easy steps to turn your recyclable metal into money in the bank

1 We will welcome you to our yard and speak to you respectfully

2 We will help you sort and weigh your load

3 We will pay you a fair price immediately

scrap metal weighbridge certification

Weighbridge certification

We have a certified weighbridge on site providing you with the correct weight of your scrap. You can also check your weight at any public weighbridge prior to arriving at our site.

scrap metal instant payment

Instant Payment

We will help you sort your load, provide your accurate weight and make instant payment to your account.

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Contact us with your scrap metal needs. We buy, we recycle, we provide skip bins, tippers and on site demolition.

We buy and recycle and pay you a fair price instantly

scrap metal recycling heavy steel

Heavy Steel

Steel Offcuts that are more than 5mm thick. May be plate or structural beams. Free from non-metallics.

scrap metal recycling light gauge steel

Clean Light Steel

Less than 5mm thick may be sheet, structural, fencing, roofing, or wiring. Free from non-metallics.

scrap metal recycling heavy steel

Black Iron

This material covers items such as white goods, cars, and any other scrap steel that has non-metallic contamination.

scrap metal recycling copper wire

Bright Copper Wire

Stripped copper cables and wires that are bright and shiny in colour. Must be free from tinned attachments and plugs.

scrap metal recycling copper cable

Copper Cables

Plastic or PVC insulated copper cables and wires. Paid dependant upon the copper recovery percentage.

scrap metal recycling copper pipe

Clean Copper Pipe

Scrap copper pipe that is free from solder, paint, brass, or any other contaminants.

scrap metal recycling brass


Brass fittings such as taps and valves that are free from non-metallics. Brass pipe and wire.

scrap metal recycling light gauge steel


Offcuts from window frames, cast aluminium, sheet aluminium, and alloy wheels.

scrap metal recycling lead


Sheet and pipe including flashing, wheel weights, sinkers, and diving weights.

Electric Motors

Includes electric motors from industrial machinery, domestic homewares, and electric vehicles.

Stainless Steel

Non-magnetic scrap sinks, pipe, sheet, valves, and fittings. All grades including 304, 316, 400 series.

scrap metal recycling auto batteries


Auto batteries from cars, buses, boats, and motorbikes.

Client’s Testimonials

Client’s Testimonials

Services we provide

Top Dollar scrap metal recycling offers conveniently located, weighbridge equipped facilities operated by capable and friendly staff. We aim to serve you as quickly and efficiently as possible. And have your money in your bank within 15 minutes of your departure. We are also able to provide a variety of different sized bins and a bin collection service for commercial or industrial clients.

scrap metal recycling near me

Certificate of Destruction

Many of our clients do not want their old scrap metal made available for sale as a reusable item. Top Dollar can provide a destruction certification free of charge for companies who want their old scrap metal rendered unsuitable for re-sale. We will pay for your scrap metal at a fair scrap price and provide photographic proof of the destruction process using either shredding or shearing technology. We will also provide a “Certificate of Destruction” for your records on completion of your scrap metal recycling process.