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Scrap Metal Recycling Sydney - Westrac


Maximise the scrap metal yield from the demolition of buildings at this site.


On-site assistance in the demolition project. We provided 2 shear equipped excavators for the demolition of the site buildings assisting the overall demolition project.

In addition to the equipment, we provided experienced operators, semi- trailer tippers for cartage and on-site five cubic metre lidded bins to provide secure and safe storage of scrap metal recovered.


The project was complex with a duration of over 7 weeks. As a result of our expertise in on-site demolition projects we were able to provide a yield of 1000 tonnes of valuable scrap Metal for our client.

Client name: Corporate Demolition

Project name: Westrac Caterpillar Site

Project location: Corner Woodville Road and Parramatta Road Holroyd, Sydney.