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Scrap Metal Recycling North Strathfield

Photo 20-4-2023

Required Resources : 36 tonne Caterpillar Excavator fitted with scrap metal mechanical grab, quick hitch, and rotating shear as a third member. Semi-trailer tippers, Hook Bins provided.

Icebergs: The first Industrial complex was completely cut down in 1 day with Scrap Metal being sorted and loaded out on day 2 via Semi Trailers and Hook Bins with the final load collected on day 3. Setbacks by site engineers held up the second stage for close to two months. As the Boundary was so close to the neighboring Residential unit block the integrity of the retaining wall was weak and at risk of collapsing. Stage two was done in two sections, where we had to work in with the engineers to cut down a small portion of the second complex to give them room to enter and build a second retaining wall for extra support which was completed at the end of June 2023. After weeks of delays, the final stage was ready at the beginning of August 2023 taking only three quarters of the day to cut down the last industrial complex. Scrap metal was being loaded out via semi-trailers and Hook bins with a slight setback with our excavator maintenance was required and parts were urgently bought in to be replaced to tidy up the remainder of the job.

Brief: Work alongside client’s team assisting in cutting structure, sorting, stacking and loading out of approximately 150 tonnes of scrap steel. Safety was a major concern being so close to residential units. Working in a residential zoning with noise restricted hours transport to work in with these times.

Result: Project safely completed by all involved. A total of 190 tonnes of scrap metal collected from the site in a total of 28 hours work. Client happy. Top Dollar happy. Excited for the next Challenge!

Project: North Strathfield Demolition. Assist in demolition of two industrial complex’s close to boundary to residential unit blocks either side. Brick Façade, steel structure and steel roof.

Start date: Originally scheduled for 1st May 2023 pushed back to 2nd week May, 2023.

Predicted duration: 1 week.

Photo 13-4-2023