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Scrap Steel Prices - Pacific Highway Lindfield

Project: Pacific Highway, Lindfield. To assist in the demolition of the former Woolies complex attached to 1,600 square metre, 3 floor factory. Brick Façade, steel structure and steel roof.

Start date: Originally scheduled for the last week of November 2022, however, the project was delayed until the second week of February 2023.

Predicted duration: 3 weeks.

Required resources: A 36 tonne Caterpillar Excavator fitted with scrap metal mechanical grab, quick hitch, and a rotating shear as a third member plus semi-trailer tippers.

Icebergs: Project repeatedly put on hold prior to start date due to ongoing delays from scaffolding council approval. Extreme weather event pushed the start date back a further week. Availability of asbestos removal crew provided another challenge. Traffic challenges- no semi access during school zone activation both morning and afternoon. 3 story high building height challenge.

Brief: Work alongside client’s team assisting in cutting structure, sorting, stacking and loading out of approximately 350 tonnes of scrap steel and 11 tonnes of non-ferrous metals. Week 1 was concentrating on the demolition, while the week 2 was focused on sorting and loading. Finally, week 3 was all about tidying up and making the ground ready for the builder.

Result: Project finished in 11 days. Just over half the predicted timeframe. All persons still with ten fingers and toes.

Day 1

To get the best scrap steel prices - Caterpillar Excavator delivered to site & made ready for work.

Day 3

Demolition well under way. Scrap Steel being cut up.

Day 6

Loading scrap steel out in Semi-Trailers.

Metal Recycling Pacific Highway Lindfield

Day 12

Day 12 Site Levelling.